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2017 Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Winners

  The Jose Eduardo Lopez Memorial Scholarship granted $5,400     to two  outstanding Latino      students:   Juan Jose Lasso Arenga winner of $1,500,  Sebastian Rivera winner of $4,000.

    Ruby Olivares was the recipient of a $500 bursary.

Winner and Board


Sebastian Rivera with his motherWinners

2016 Scholarship Winners

2016 Winners

The Jose Eduardo Lopez Memorial Scholarship granted $8,000 to three outstanding Latino students:
Natalia Sepulveda-Lastra $ 2,000, Claudia Fabiola Esperanza $ 4,000,  Natasha Martinez, $ 2,000

Natalia and FamilyNatasha & Family
Claudia & Family2016 Winners and Board Members

2015 Scholarship Winners

2015 Scholarship Winners
‎The Jose Eduardo Lopez Memorial Scholarship granted $7,500 to seven outstanding Latino students: Sandra Liliana Hernandez, was granted the first bursary of $500 for a student over 24 years of age.

Adan Olivares Castro and Emily Cornejo Beltran awarded $500 each; Juan Felipe Jiménez, Mario Huezo Yanes and Ana Maria Rivera Alfonso awarded $1,000 each and Ana Maria Triana Caicedo was the winner of a $3,000 scholarship.

2014 Scholarship Winners

2014 JELMS Winners with Board
It was such a delightful experience for all of us members of Jose Eduardo Lopez Memorial Scholarship Board of Directors to present three outstanding Latino students Pablo Vallve Antelo, Christian Betancourt Manjarrez and Luis Felipe Villa Castro with three scholarships of $1000, $2000 and $3000, respectively. This was possible thanks to the support we receive from friends and local businesses. We couldn't have done it without the support of the community!

2014 Donors and Sponsors:

Rotary Club of Stoney Creek

Rio Claro Environmental Inc.
ASC Autobody & Sales
Spencer Charters  
Shaw Media ) 
Linda & Peter Kennedy
Bartolini, Berlingieri, Barrafato & Fortino's Lawyers

Monthly Donor:
Edna Sandoval

Other Donors:
Alix Hargreave
Eric Baker
Kathryn and Paul McCarroll
Dr. Diana Rakhinshteyn
Maria Isabelisla
Fernando Forero 

2013 Scholarship Winners2013 JELMS Winners

Dear Donors and Sponsors:

I am very pleased to inform you that tonight the executive board of JELMS presented outstanding Latin American students with three scholarships. One in the amount of $ 1000 and two in the amount of $ 2.000.  These are two excerpt of the speech we delivered during the event:  

"These three young outstanding young women are the pride of our community. All three have something in common with Jose Eduardo Lopez.  Like him, they have passion for something; they have passion for their chosen careers. Vanessa is passionate about caring for the most vulnerable in our society; Juanita is passionate about caring and preserving the environment; and, Manuela is passionate about giving comfort, support, and, if possible, healing the sick. They are role models for our youth. Tonight, the three of you, yes, THE THREE OF YOU, will receive a scholarship… 

Vanessa Mejia Gomez
, student social service work in the Mohawk College is the winner of a scholarship of $ 1,000 and a certificate of recognition. AND for the first time, we have two winners of a $ 2,000 scholarship – each gets beautiful plaque with their names engraved on it: Juanita del Mar Camargo Arevalo, Environmental Engineering student at the University of Guelph and
 and Manuela Velez nursing student at the University of Western.  It is worth mentioning that Manuela achieved an average of 91 % when he finished high school."
"To conclude, we reiterate our appreciation to Hispanic Fraternity Association, and we thank the constant support of Radio and newspaper Presencia Latina; the YWCA for giving us a space to interview applicants for the scholarship, and especially our donors, whether you donate $ 25 or a $ 1,000, we do know that WE EXIST ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU!"

Nora Melara-Lopez, President 

2013 Donors and Sponsors:

$ 1.000 Donors:
-    Dr. Vinicio Aldana 
-    Rotary Club - Stoney Creek2013 Awards Winnners

$ 500 Donors:
-    Rio Claro Environmental (and BBQ Sponsor)
-    ASC Auto Body & Sales (and BBQ Sponsor)
-    Spencer Charters 
-    Shaw Communications Inc

Monthly Donors:
- Edna Sandoval

-    Alix Hargreave 
-    Eric Baker
-    Kathryn and Paul McCarroll 
-    Dr. Diana Rakhinshteyn 
-    Dr. Diego E. Paz
-    Martina Van Hoeve 
-    Linda Kennedy
-    Arlene Charters
-    Fraternity Hispanic Association
-    Maria Isabel Isla
-    Andrzej Dziewa 
-    Kathryn Basham
-    Luis Fernando Lasso
-    Anne Hogan
-    Maria Da Silva Contreras
-    Fernando Papagayo Forero
-    Olga Lucia Mejia
-    Ricardo Cespedes 
-    Kim and Turlough O'Hare
-    Sonia Cabrales 
-    Magdalena 
-    Preston Williams & Yurissa Varela
-    Nora Melara-Lopez
-    Mister Handyman
-    Miriam Builes & Gildardo Lopez

Sponsors/Patroncinadores (and in-kind Donors):
-    Presencia Latina Newspaper & Radio
-    Ywca Of Hamilton 
-    Hamilton Community Foundation
-    Dana Hall
-    Mercedes Salon & Spa
-    Maria Valladares De Melara
-    Harvey's @ Kennilworth And Barton
-    St.  Gabriel Community Centre
-    El Sabor De Tu Casa

CHCH News - Carly Cowan, Laura Sabourin and Cindy Csordas

2012 Winners and Sponsors

2012 Winners and JEL Committee Members
2012 Winners and JEL Committee Members
 Natalia Bravo, Olivier Lopez, Sofia Roldan Montalvo, Nora Melara-Lopez, Jessyka del Prete Silva (winner of $ 2000 and award), Ivania Erazo (winner of $ 500 and certificate) Osiris Lopez and Thayra Marting. Absent: Cesar Rodriguez

 Alix Hargreave
 Rosalina Paredes
 Andrzej Dziewa
 Martina Van Hoeve
 Richard Harris & Carol Town
 Eric Baker
 Rio Claro Environmental Inc.
 Maria Contreras
 Diana Ahmed

Vinicio Aldana
 ASC Auto Body & Sales (Jose Ascencio)
 Grace Jesus
 Hermes Orellana
 Dorothy Bartalos
 Kathryn McCarroll
 Rotary Club of Stoney Creek
 Spencer Charters 
 Osiris Lopez-Chevez
 Nora Melara-Lopez
Special thanks to Patricia Alvarez and John McTavish from Presencia Latina Newspaper and Radio for their continued support to this project 
and to Ana Cuesta (fundraising) and Anne Hogan (Website).

Osirius Presenting The Award
Osiris presenting the award.

2011 Winners

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors at the  Latin Gala on November 18, 2011 two Latin American students
were granted scholarships.

Melisa Ciriello a $1,000 winner
Melisa Ciriello, a committed student social worker at Mohawk College receives her certificate of recognition presented by JEL Committee member Thayra Marting. She also received a $1,000 Scholarship.

Yajaira Esperanza a $2,000 winner.
 Yajaira Esperanza a dedicated nursing student at University of  Western and Fanshawe shares smiles with JEL Committee  members Natalia Bravo and Osiris Lopez after receiving her $2,000  scholarship and a beautiful plaque.
 2011 Sponsors: 
Rio Claro Environmental Inc 
Bart, Katrien, Griet and Jan Claerbout 
Dr. Vinicio Aldana         
Rotary Club (Stoney Creek)
Rotary Club (Grimsby)
Cesar Rodriguez 
Letty's Salon
Eric Baker
Alix Hargreave
Dr. Jennifer Conners
Martina Van Hoeve    
Yurissa Varela-Melara
Anonymous (2)
Kay Basham
Fr. Javier Arias, St. Gabriel Anglican Church
Joshua Chan
Presencia Latina Newspaper & Radio
Jean Wheeler
ASC Auto (Jose Ascencio)
Carol Town
Carol Miller & Graham Knop

Natalia Bravo Cifuentes
Natalia Bravo Cifuentes, a student of Journalism at Mohawk College received her $2000 scholarship and a beautiful plaque.

2010  Winner

 Rio Claro Environmental Inc.
 Echo Transportation Service
 Rotary Club (Grimsby)
 Nora Melara-López 
 Ecumenical Support Committee for Refugees
 Eric Baker     
 Dr. Jennifer Conners
 Mekonnen Biedu
 Dr. Diana Ahmed
 ASC Auto (Jose Ascencio)
 Martina Van Hoeve
 Dorothy Bartalos
 Artana Bixhi
 Kathy and Paul McCarroll
 Cesar Rodriguez
 Dr. Nagy Abdel
 Anonymous Donor

2009 Scholarship Winner

Johan Martinez receives a $500 scholarship from Cesar Rodriguez

2009 Winners

2009 Scholarship Winners: 
Ana Maria Olivares $ 2.000 
Johana Pezzo Pasos $ 500 
Johan Martinez $ 500.00   


         Settlement and Integration Services Organization 
         St Joseph Immigrant Women Centre 
           Cesar Rodriguez

Dear Nora Melara-Lopez and Members of the JEL Memorial Scholarship committee
On November 20, 2009 I had the honor of being awarded the scholarship in memory of Jose Eduardo Lopez.  This scholarship helped me to finance my university studies and I am enormously grateful 

Through this email I would like to share with you the accomplishment of my graduation this June in French and Hispanic Studies from the University of York.
I feel that you were part of this process and I would like to thank you for the support, especially for the motivation you gave me to continue my studies.
- Ana Maria Olivares