Natalia Bravo – 2010

My name is Natalia Bravo. I am 28 years old and I am from Colombia. I arrived to Canada in 2007 with many dreams ahead, one of them was studying journalism. As a child, I repeated to myselft that I would become a great journalist and storyteller. Thanks to the JELMS scholarship, which I obtained in 2010, I was able to complete my journalism studies in the Journalism program at Mohawk College and graduate with honors in 2012. It was also an opportunity to join the Board of Directors of the scholarship and help other students, like me, to achieve their dreams of becoming professionals. Receiving such an important award was a recognition of the effort that all immigrants make to get ahead and contribute to a society that welcomes us with open arms.

Thanks to being able to finish all my studies, I managed to do several jobs for different international media and because of that, got a great opportunity to work in the United States.

Since I arrived in the city of Miami in 2015, I have worked as a television reporter for several local networks and, currently, I am part of a digital journalism team at Univision News, where we create original high-level journalistic content.